Insurance tips for the first time HOME buyer

So you have found your dream home? The next thing you should do is tell your insurance agent. Yes, we know that might sound like a huge anticlimax, but the boring stuff could save you thousands of dollars. Insurers are experts at discerning risk and the potential loss in properties and homes. So it is […]

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“I pity the fool!”

Top 5 list of the best April Fools jokes played by big brands In case you were not aware, it’s April Fools tomorrow. So be on your guard. Tricksters will be coming at you from all directions. The biggest culprits are of course the big brands. Be assured your newsfeed will be full of crafty […]

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You insured WHAT!?!

You are likely familiar with auto, life and home insurance policies. However, when it comes to Hollywood and the world of celebrities, insurance policies of a very different kind exist. Welcome to the word of insured body parts! From Jennifer Lopez to Troy Polamalu, see how much these 5 celebrities body parts are worth.   […]

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