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Get to know Lambton Mutual

As your only, truly local, insurance Company in Lambton County, our focus is on keeping jobs and profits in our community. Unlike stock insurance companies, whose focus is on earning profits for shareholders, Lambton Mutual invests excess capital in community programs or returns profits directly to policyholders. Each year, Lambton Mutual donates thousands of dollars to programs within Lambton County and surrounding areas. This focus on community, combined with our local customer service and claims assistance, forms what we call the ‘Mutual Advantage’ for our clients, and is something that is unique to mutual insurers. We put people ahead of profits. That’s the beauty of neighbours helping neighbours.

President’s Message

Next week, we will welcome Alexander to our staff on a part-time basis. Alex just arrived as a refugee from The Ukraine. He is eager to make a new life here in Canada and is eager to work. His story reminds me of my own father’s story. He left his homeland in 1958 when he saw no hope or opportunity in the post-war era. His country of choice to immigrate to: Canada.

The risks that both these men took are undeniable.

Similarly, risks were taken by the founding members of Lambton Mutual Insurance Company back in 1875. Our company was started by a group of enterprising farmers who could not secure insurance on their farms through any other means. So they started their own company.

Humble beginnings.

Since 1875, Lambton Mutual has been there, protecting what mattered most to your grandparents, and their grandparents before that.

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Deb Van Eyk



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