You insured WHAT!?!

You are likely familiar with auto, life and home insurance policies. However, when it comes to Hollywood and the world of celebrities, insurance policies of a very different kind exist.

Welcome to the word of insured body parts!

From Jennifer Lopez to Troy Polamalu, see how much these 5 celebrities body parts are worth.


1. Jennifer Lopez

JLo took out a $300 million insurance policy on her derrière. Yes. Her bum.


2. Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum had to travel to London to get her legs evaluated. We are not sure why. Turns out one of her legs was valued at $2.2 million but the other was only valued at $1.2 million because of a tiny scar on her knee.


3. Gene Simmons

At the height of KISS’ popularity, Gene Simmons had his tongue insured for $1,000,000. His signature move in concerts was to waggle his tongue wildly at the audience. If any damage had befell his tongue, it would have impacted a fundamental part of his live performances.


4. Julia Roberts

Roberts reportedly insured her trademark smile for $30 million.


5. Troy Polamalu

The Pittsburgh Steelers player ’insured his long flowing hair for $1 million, thanks to his endorsement deal with Head and Shoulders.