“I pity the fool!”

Top 5 list of the best April Fools jokes played by big brands

In case you were not aware, it’s April Fools tomorrow. So be on your guard. Tricksters will be coming at you from all directions. The biggest culprits are of course the big brands. Be assured your newsfeed will be full of crafty tweets and cheeky status updates trying to throw you for a loop.

We pity the fool that falls for any of this shenanigans! You have been warned.

Take a look at our list of “Top 5 April Fools” pranks played by big brands from years gone by.

1. Rosetta Stone

The language software company now lets you Learn to Speak Klingon. It’s another product some people would actually buy. Plus, they got Worf himself, Michael Dorn, to star in the video.


2. Pizza Hut

Some people love it so much, they might just want to smell like it too.


3. Samsung

The cell phone giant releases the Galaxy BLADE edge, the world’s first ‘smartknife.’


4. Chilli’s

The restaurant chain has put everything you love about Chili’s in an ice cream. Try Nacho Queso Crunch, Baby Back Chunk and Buffalo Brownie Sundae. Yum.


5. Kit Kat

Now available in chicken flavour. The chocolatey poultry treat you always dreamed of.