About Us

Lambton Mutual Over 140 years of heritage

Lambton Mutual Insurance Company is a property and casualty insurance company operating in Southwestern Ontario. We write approximately $32.5 million in gross premium consisting of residential, automobile, farm and commercial premium. We are a member of the Ontario Mutual Insurance Association and Farm Mutual Re based in Cambridge, Ontario. We are one of 38 purely mutual insurance companies operating in the Province of Ontario.

Many of the farm mutuals operating in Ontario have been around for generations. In fact, Lambton Mutual Insurance Company was formed in 1875. The organizers of the company were all leaders in their respective fields – agriculture, manufacturing and municipal politics. Many of our early directors and staff were involved in provincial and federal politics. They recognized a need in their emerging communities for many things, including an insurance company that could supply basic protection at reasonable cost, and where their community would be the benefactor of any surplus, or profit, from doing business.

As a policyholder with our company, you have voting rights on important decisions that will direct the successful operation of the company. Our directors are elected from among our policyholders and they live and work in your community. We continue to operate on a not-for-profit basis, which means that we pour our resources into service and long-term value for the policyholder – not returns for shareholders.


We are community builders

Lambton Mutual Insurance Company takes great pride in being an active contributor to the community. It is a tradition upon which Lambton Mutual was originally founded and we continue to support community initiatives in Lambton County and beyond. Our donation decisions focus on supporting projects valued by our policyholders – we’re sure that you or someone close to you has directly benefited from them.


Established in 2015 to support students volunteering in their community, Lambton Mutual Insurance Company takes great pride in being an active contributor to the community. The Lambton Mutual Scholarship Program is sponsored and funded by Lambton Mutual Insurance Company.

How We Work

We are a Mutual insurance company…..which means, we have no outside shareholders. Every action and decision we undertake is for the sole benefit of our policyholders.  We are governed by a board of directors elected from among our policyholders.  Mutual Insurance companies have been around for over a century.   Lambton Mutual is a member of the Ontario Mutual Insurance Association.  

Ontario Mutuals is the overarching brand for 38 independent, 100% Canadian property and casualty insurance companies across the province.  

Premiums, together with income from investments, are used to pay losses sustained by the policyholders as well as the expenses of running the company.  Any excess surplus generated either remains in the company’s surplus account for the benefit of the policyholders or may from time to time be refunded to policyholders. 

Mutual insurers started in the mid-1800s and have remained strong, stable and reliable throughout the years.  Although their roots are agricultural, today they offer a full range of home, auto, business and farm insurance. 

If you believe in buying and supporting local, Ontario Mutuals practically invented the concept! 

Mission Statement: Community-based insurance where trusted personal service to the policyholder is paramount.

Our People

Front Row (L to R): Megan Honkoop, Leslie Moody, Kevin Pearson, Heather Frayne, Andrea Goss, Scott Brown, Dennis Kremer, Charlene DeMello, Janet Lambert and Hayley Kustermans
Middle Row (L to R): Melissa Bosch, Barb McKellar, Rhonda Straatman, Janice Leyten, Bridget Hart, Nadine Lawrence, Makayla Callaghan, Jenn Ferrera, Jayne Boyd, Leonie Finch, Charlotte Wilcocks and Cindy Blythe
Back Row (L to R): Sarah Hills, Sarah McLean, Jozlin Jamieson, Blair Williamson, Tyler Mazerolle, April Brown, Tyler Steckley, Karen Fogwill, Natalie Knight, Ramona Bazely, Alex Shpak, Dallas Cundick and Heather Straatman
Absent from photo: Jessica Boakes, Dave Colquhoun, Kathleen Sansoucy, Linda Pereira and Paul Van Lieshout

(L to R): Scott Smith (Director), John Hackney (Director), Jim De Jeu (Chief Financial Officer), Deb Van Eyk (President and CEO), Randy Gilliard (Board Chair), Sue Lithgow (Director), Brandon Moffatt (Director), Scott Elliot (Director)
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