The 8 weirdest driving distractions

Is it really worth the risk to put the finishing touches to your hairstyle during your morning drive? Apparently some drivers think so.

Distracted driving is more and more becoming a cause of dangerous driving. Despite the attention in the media about the dangers of distracted driving, an alarming 71% of young drivers aged 16 to 24 don’t consider using their phones to be very distracting. National Teen Driver Safety Week runs October 16-22, 2016 with a focus on reducing distracted driving by teens so everyone can #GetHomeSafe.

We are familiar with many of the classic reasons people get distracted at the wheel: texting, eating, phone calls etc. However, as law enforcement has begun clamping down on distracted driving, they have been encountering some weird and downright bizarre ways drivers have been managing to distract themselves at the wheel.

Here’s a look at eight odd and dangerous driver distractions, with the percentages of motorists who were brave enough to own up to their behaviour.

It’s important to note that while these instances have high entertainment value, they are very dangerous and are the epitome of irresponsibility.

You have only one job at the wheel. To drive.

  1. Public displays of affection: 15 percent
  2. Styling hair: 15 percent
  3. Changing clothes: 9 percent
  4. Applying makeup: 8 percent
  5. Brushing and/or flossing teeth: 4 percent
  6. Taking selfies: 4 percent
  7. Switching drivers: 3 percent
  8. Using the bathroom: 3 percent