Silver Bullet

“My dad used to drive an old silver Volvo P1800. He bought it when I was a teenager and I would beg him to drive me to school in it, instead of our old beat up wood panel station wagon. He faithfully washed and waxed it every Saturday morning. It was his pride and joy. My kids fondest memories were sitting in the back papa’s ‘silver bullet’ and going for ice cream along the St.Clair River. A few years before he passed away he sold it. I don’t know who it was harder on, him or the kids.

My son is now 17 years old and has just gotten his license. As he was going through Driver’s Ed I decided to look up P1800’s online and see how much they were going for. I found a really old silver one just like dad’s. It was in pretty bad condition but going for a great price. So I just bought it. I worked on it for a year with my brother in his garage. I didn’t tell anyone, not even my wife. We got it restored to great condition.

It was a precious moment when I handed over the keys to my son on the day he passed his driving test and told him papa’s ‘Silver Bullet’ was now his.”




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