How To Store Your Snowmobile This Summer

After a great snowmobile season like this past winter, it is always a sad moment when you need to put your sled away for the summer. For many of us, storing our sled isn’t something we want to think about, but a refresher on the basics might be necessary. Here are some great tips on how to prep your snowmobile for the off season.

  • Flood your engine with oil. First, you will need to start the engine and pull the oil pump cable to hold it open. This will flood the engine with oil and allow internal engine parts to become lubricated. Make sure to run the engine for about 15 minutes with the oil pump cable open, to properly lubricate the engine.
  • Fill your gas tank up to the top, and add in a fuel stabiliser. This will limit the ability for air to oxidize the fuel and prevent condensation build up in the fuel compartment.
  • Take the battery out of the sled, and store it in a dry place away from sunlight. If you notice the battery fluid going low, simply add distilled water to the top of the full line on the battery case, and recharge the battery.
  • If you are storing the sled in a garage or shed, ensure you block off the muffler outlet, carburetor air intake, cooling system intake and outlet holes. This will eliminate the possibility of small rodents or animals nesting within your sled. This is important as animal nesting can cause damage to parts, or impair your sled’s performance for the next season.
  • Reduce the tension on the track by loosening the track’s bolts to their limit. This will allow the track to rest, and prevent the track from stretching and cracking during the off-season.
  • Finally, you should coat all exposed metal surfaces, nuts, bolts and fasteners with preserving oil like off the shelf WD-40. This will prevent rusting, and will ensure that they will be easy to remove and clean when the snow starts to fall again next season.

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