Happy Birthday!

So it has been a long and illustrious 140 years! What started off in 1875 as a way for farmers and neighbours to obtain insurance on their homesteads and support each other at the time of a loss has grown into a far-reaching family of 8,756 members.  When they couldn’t find insurance elsewhere, they started their own company.  Pioneers in their own right!

Our founders set out to create an insurance company that would weave the voices and needs of those living right on our doorstep into the fabric of how our company is run. They hoped for a way to work together that would be mutually beneficial for the whole community, giving families and local businesses the security and financial confidence to go about their day-to-day lives. It was a bold endeavour.

Whilst much has changed, the heart of Lambton Mutual remains the same. We are committed to serving our community and providing unique personal service. We believe that excess earnings should be returned to you in the form of great rates and better service, and be put back into the community where we all live to do good.

We still share the values and principles laid down by our first president, John Dallas, back in 1875. We believe we are carrying on his legacy and we plan to do that for another 140 years to come. We hope you join us.