Featured Agent – Tim Hamilton Insurance Agency

Name: Tim Hamilton

Hometown: Glencoe, ON

Job/Position: Insurance Agency Manager/Agent

Hobbies: Family sports/Recreation from ball to hockey to golf to camping

Favourite Food: Chinese and late night stag and doe meals

Quotes to live by:

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

“We will be judged not by our worth but by how we treat those less fortunate.”

“Let those without sin cast the first stone.”

Either/Or (in bold):

Early Riser/Night Owl – I don’t sleep much either way

Dog/Cat – Not even close to an even choice. One loves YOU!

Sun/Snow – Love our seasons

Coffee/Tea – Never had either

Open Collar/Tie



Star Wars/Star Trek

Non Fiction/Fiction


Hunting/Fishing – Not a fan of either but understand the enjoyment
Tim has worked for a few companies in his insurance career and has always recognized that the Mutual Experience has been far superior to all other companies. Retaining old values and principles is something that carries a lot of weight in our rural communities. A handshake or a promise from Tim is as binding as any written contract.

Tim has played and coached many local sports, and been on many Boards as Member and/or Chair and/or President, including the Glencoe Legion, Glencoe Minor Hockey, Glencoe Minor Soccer, ELM Children’s Centre, Four Counties Hospital Foundation, Strathroy Hospital Foundation, Beattie Haven, Quad County and the Dave Waller Memorial. He believes that if you want something to change, or you think you have someting to offer a community or organization, you need to do more than talk about it.