Crickets Instead of Traffic

We both originally grew up in Lambton County and then moved to Toronto for university. As is often the case we got jobs in the city right out of university and rented a small (we called it “cozy”) apartment downtown. We loved the buzz and the excitement of the city, but we always felt like Lambton County was where we would end up. It’s where we grew up, where we met and where we eventually got married. It was home. We would often find ourselves late at night over a bottle of red wine googling homes for sale in Lambton County. Or making pinterest boards filled with decor ideas for our dream country house on one of the rural lines.

After a few years of working hard in the city a job opportunity came up for Mark in Sarnia and we jumped on it. We both ended up finding jobs. Everything was beginning to fit into place. It also felt like the time was right to buy our first home. We can’t say it was a straightforward process, but we eventually found the country home we had spent late nights dreaming about in our “cozy” apartment in the city.

Now we are all moved in and loving every minute of it. Hearing crickets before we sleep instead of traffic.

– Sarah and Mark



When you find the place you can truly home you have found a precious thing. We understand that.

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