Because Your Business is More Than Just Having A Job

“The term ‘entrepreneur’ has become a bit of a trendy buzzword for anybody with a good idea on Dragon’s Den. My mother is the person who really modelled the true meaning of this word to me. I remember her telling me stories of how she used to sew clothes for her neighbours’ children when she was a teenager to make some extra pocket money. She grew up to be a self-taught florist and ran her own successful business with five employees for 45 years. I am a lot like my mom. I love people, ideas and I never want to have a boss!

I knew as soon as I graduated from high school I wanted to run my own business. I got a line of credit and researched potential areas to start a grocery store in Southern Ontario. I decided to set-up my store in Lambton County. It was affordable, a great community and had plenty of opportunity for me to grow and expand into other business sectors.

Three years later and I am living happily in Lambton County. I have eight employees at my store and I am in the process of opening a small restaurant next year. My mother is now retired, but she is cheering me on from the sidelines. One entrepreneur to another.”

– Daniel



Running your own business is more than just a job. It’s a journey of passion, hard work and
commitment. We understand that. Click here to find a business insurance agent or broker
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