This is Why We Love the Country!

We’ve been in this community for 142 years so to say that we love it is an understatement. It’s part of who we are! We’ve always been committed to giving back and making it a great place to live but we also appreciate its many simple pleasures. The people are friendly, there’s lots of space, and it’s nice and quiet.

Plus, when it comes to car insurance, it’s cheap!

Though rates were meant to be decreasing, the annual premiums for car insurance across Ontario’s cities tell another story. And, since one of the most influential factors in determining your premiums is where you live, prices differ. A lot! Take a look at the rates below to see why we love living in the country! (And why we think you do, too!)

Top 10 most expensive cities in Ontario for car insurance

  1. Brampton – $2,392
  2. Vaughan – $2,018
  3. Mississauga – $1,930
  4. Toronto – $1,886
  5. Markham – $1,886
  6. Richmond Hill – $1,783
  7. Hamilton – $1,683
  8. Pickering – $1,593
  9. Ajax – $1,556
  10. Bradford and Stouffville- $1,484

Ontario average – $1,448


More claims mean higher premiums. So does traffic congestion, how much people drive, the number of accidents and the number of thefts. In times like these, we’re grateful for our wide country roads and small four-lane highways. Aren’t you?

Make sure you’ve got the right coverage for your needs by contacting one of our agents or brokers!

And remember, our insurance-at-cost philosophy means your premiums are still your property. Any excess capital we’ve collected can be returned to you, our policyholder, or invested into community programs.

Did we mention how much we love the country?


Source: The Globe and Mail