Ever Wondered Why Aggies Don’t Go On Crop Tours To The Back 40?

In honour of Canadian Agricultural Literacy Month (March 2018), here are some terms that you may not be familiar with but will help you survive a day in the country.

Crop tour – a slow meandering drive down country roads to compare your crops to those of your neighbours to make sure yours are better.

Honey Wagon – manure tank.

Aggie – a person who attends agricultural college or university to study agriculture.

Rock pickin’ – the task of picking stones out of fields in the spring to avoid a stone intake by the combine during harvest in the fall.

Driveshed – also known as an Implement Shed – where a farmer stores their machinery.

Send it – also known as “go for it”.

Livestock pot – a trailer to haul livestock.

Row ‘em – not an actual rowing term, but rather a term used to describe the emergence of new plants from the ground sufficient to have the rows visible to the naked eye.

The back 40 – reference to a field that’s either far away or a pain in the butt to get to.

Jimmy-rig – a term to describe fixing something (not really the right way) but, hey, it worked.

Running buggy – the task of towing the grain buggy with the tractor and keeping in lock step with the combine as it unloads on the fly.

Clippin’ corn – aka combining corn.