“DON’T” Do it Yourself – Pt. 2

In the 140 years we have been providing insurance, we have seen some pretty wild things. The lengths people will go to in order to save a buck or two never ceases to amaze us.

We thought it was time to throw open the pages of our insurance reports and share with you some of the most “resourceful” and “imaginative” solutions we’ve come across.

We call this monthly series “DON’T” Do it Yourself. We think you will understand why…

Disclaimer: Lambton Mutual Insurance does not advise recreating the following “resourceful” ideas.We are not responsible for fires, flooding, electrocutions or divorces. Please DON’T do these things yourself!




Here’s a great way to help save space in the basement. Float your water heater on its side and use a pressure valve instead of a TPR valve! We are sure this will work out really well for you.


Looking to install a new fireplace? Avoid cutting into the roof with this solution.


Building a new addition? No need to move the existing chimney. Just cosy it up seamlessly to the adjoining wall…..looks perfectly fine.


Dead doorbell? Who needs one when a bottle of rocks does the exact same thing?


Going for the open concept look? Here’s a great way to help support a structural beam.