Congratulations to Christine Hoven, the winner of our Summer 2017 Facebook Contest.  Christine was the lucky recipient of a $250 Chapters/Indigo gift card. To enter the contest, all she had to do was correctly answer this question: “How much money did Lambton Mutual give back to policyholders in 2016?” (Hint: the answer was found within our website).

To illustrate this philosophy in practice, in 2016, we were thrilled to give back $743,000 to our policyholders. In fact, Lambton Mutual has issued a refund of premiums four times since the year 2000, totalling over $2.8 million. That’s money that goes directly back into your pocket as well as into our local communities and economy. Nice, isn’t it?

The Mutual Advantage is what sets us apart! As a Mutual policyholder, it means we are accountable directly to you– not to outside shareholders looking for returns. This means that when we have a profitable year, we are able to share some profit with our policyholders, too! This is money going back into the communities of Southwestern Ontario so they can continue to thrive and flourish. We have a vested interest in YOUR community.

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