Lambton Mutual has always been about the community and pouring back into the the place we call home. In fact, this year we will be celebrating our 140th anniversary, which we believe speaks of our passion and long-term commitment to the people of Lambton County.

We have always tried to do things a little differently and this online community hub is no different. More than just a place for us to tell you about what we do, we want to share community stories, provide you with helpful life tips and maybe even give you chuckle on your lunch break.

We are constantly updating the content on this hub and want to inspire, encourage and inform you throughout the year. You are more than a policy number. You are a valued member of our community and we want to interact with you and give you that little bit extra.

So don’t make this visit a one off. Have a look around. Read some great stories from our neighbours. Check out what’s been going on in the community. Be wowed by one of our “Did you know?” facts.

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