Summer is Coming! Here are some tips for opening your pool

It’s getting to be that time of year again – the time to dust off those pool toys and relax in the summer sun. It’s been a long time coming! Here at Lambton Mutual, we can’t wait to practice our cannon balls, lounge on the deck, and spend time outside with family and friends. What about you?

There’s just one thing: before you put our bathing suit on, you have to get to work cleaning out and preparing the pool for the hot days ahead. Don’t worry! With these quick tips, you’ll be floating in that refreshing, crystal clear water in no time.

  1. First, make sure you pump, hose, or clean away any water, dirt, or debris that collected on the cover and the deck over the winter. You don’t want anything falling into the pool when you remove the cover.
  2. After the cover is off, it’s time to reinstall the plumbing – the pump, the filter, the plugs, and anything else that was removed. You’ll also want to reinstall the fun stuff – diving boards, slides, ladders, and other deck fittings. Make sure to lubricate any bolts to avoid rusting over the summer. Invite power wash specialist to clean the deck with biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning products.
  3. Now things really start coming together, you can start refilling the water! If the water was in good shape at the end of last season, it should still be pretty clear so bringing it up to the normal level will be a breeze. Scoop out any big items that might have fallen in.
  4. Once the pool is full, it’s time to clean and treat it. Restart the circulation system and give it a good vacuum. Make sure to look for leaks or drips, check that all the wires are connected properly, and ensure proper flow.
  5. Last, it’s time for the shock factor. Double check that your chemicals haven’t expired before you shock the pool. You can do this with any chlorine shock product but make sure if you’re using granular shock, not to throw it directly in the pool. You’ll also want to check and adjust the water chemistry levels over the next few days until they stabilize. And don’t forget to add high quality algaecide!
  • Pro tip: To get that sparkling clear water you’ve been dreaming of for months, you’ll want to run the circulation system nonstop for the first three days, or until the water is completely clear. You’ll have to backwash the filter frequently during this time, depending how dirty the water became over winter. Try some copper sulfate for a crisp finishing touch.

And of course, always make sure your pool is properly covered under your homeowner’s insurance in case things don’t go according to plan. Believe us – strange things happen. Find an agent near you or get started with an online quote to see how Lambton Mutual can protect your unique residential needs.