Lock it, or lose it

Summer is a prime time of year to be targeted for a home or car theft, and break in. Homes are empty more frequently as people go on summer vacations and are outside doing activities. Many people are also in the habit of leaving their vehicle windows down and/or leaving the engine running.

For obvious reasons, if your windows are down a thief can access your vehicle and unlock it in a matter of seconds. Never leave your car running unattended and always take your keys with you. Often, thieves will work in pairs and watch unsuspecting targets leave their car and then pounce on the opportunity; stealing the car and/or personal belongings.

Good habits to help avoid vehicle theft:

  • Keep your vehicle locked
  • Keep your windows rolled up and closed
  • Park in a well-lit, highly visible area
  • Hide your valuables out of site
  • Never leave your vehicle with it still running
  • Invest in anti-theft protection devices

Helpful tips to keep your house safe while it may be unoccupied:

  1. Always keep your outside doors locked.
  2. Develop a plan with your neighbour. Let your neighbours know when you are away so that they can keep an eye on the house.
  3. Install motion detection lighting around your property.
  4. Keep your valuables and important documents locked up – investing in a safe, or safety deposit box at the bank, is a good idea.
  5. Keep your house “looking normal”.
  6. Keep your car parked in the garage, and locked.
  7. Remove any keys you have stashed around the house.
  8. Make arrangements for your mail delivery, so mail does not stack up and signal that you are not home.
  9. Avoid social media – a simple trick is to post your pictures when you have returned from your trip. Don’t blast social media with pictures while you travel, potentially tipping off thieves.
  10. Invest in a professionally installed home monitoring service. Most come with a security keypad for access to the house and central command, motion detectors, entry detection, and glass breaking sensors.
  11. Install a DIY system. These unique systems come with built in surveillance and offer video recordings of activity surrounding the devices. The devices can detect and monitor various entry points to your house as well as allow for communication and remote viewing of happenings while you are away.

It is always a good idea to review your insurance coverage as to what you are covered for and what you are not. At Lambton Mutual we offer great home and auto insurance policies that will protect you during those summer months when you are enjoying your summer and may not be home. Ask one of our agents about the best fit for your insurance needs and coverage, and feel safe with Lambton Mutual!