How are Farmer’s Markets the Same as Mutual Insurance?

Don’t you love strolling through a Farmer’s Market in the fall? Hand-picked apples, home baked pies, fresh fall vegetables! Yum! Actually, Farmer’s Markets are a lot like mutual insurance companies.

How, you ask?

Well, both of us offer products that have been prepared by locals. Whether it’s a nearby farmer or a member sitting on our Board of Directors, we provide products and services that have been cultivated in Lambton County.

When you shop at a Farmer’s Market, you can talk to the person who grew your pumpkin or learn about what makes cider different from juice. It encourages consumers and producers to build personal relationships and increases everyone’s opportunity for community interaction. There’s no need to go through a third-party vendor where you lose valuable information on what you’re buying (not to mention freshness.) Being a policyholder at Lambton Mutual is like that, too. You can speak directly to a local agent/broker, not a call center agent, about all your insurance concerns. We’re here for you as a neighbour.

Maybe most importantly, though, both Farmer’s Markets and Mutual Insurance share a concern for their surroundings. Buying from the market means you are investing your money into real people that live and work in your community, you are supporting small businesses and you are putting value into practices that are healthy and sustainable for the community, both agriculturally and economically. That’s the same as choosing an insurance policy from Lambton Mutual. We’re run by people in our community and, by operating on a not-for-profit basis, any excess capital we generate can be reinvested back into the places we live and work! That translates into opportunities and improvements for all of us.

So, if you like Farmer’s Markets you’ll also appreciate the personal, local service and decision-making of Lambton Mutual. That’s just another part of The Mutual Advantage.