Happy Halloween!

Does the thought of insurance give you a fright? With Lambton Mutual, it can be a treat. Just think of it this way:

You’re going trick-or-treating with a group of kids in your neighborhood. Everyone has pretty cool costumes. Lambton Mutual is there, too. You heard that someone offered them money to get a really nice costume for a share of their candy but Lambton Mutual declined. They had bigger, better plans for what they would do with the candy they collected. You wonder what it might be.

As you all gather and prepare to go, a few important things have to be decided to get the most out of trick-or-treating this year. What route will you take around the neighborhood? How fast will you walk? How late will you stay out? Will you walk through the cemetery? Even though Lambton Mutual is the oldest in the group, they don’t make a decision for everyone else. They let each kid vote and everyone makes the important decisions together.

When the night comes to an end and everyone takes their candy home, Lambton Mutual doesn’t. They never keep their candy to themselves. Instead, they decide as a group how they can use it best. Sometimes this means they split it evenly among everyone that went trick-or-treating with them, sometimes they give it to a group who needs it more and sometimes they put it in a safe place where they know everyone will be able to have candy until next Halloween. Isn’t that nice?

That’s the Mutual Advantage.

We put the needs of our people ahead of making a profit. Since we operate on a not-for-profit basis with no shareholders, we put the needs of our policyholders first. We pour our resources into service and long-term value for our policyholders.

No tricks.

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