ATV Proper Use and Care

With spring and summer around the corner, many people are anxious to get their ATV’s out and on the trails. Taking the time to prep your vehicle is important to help insure its longevity and increase your enjoyment while keeping safe at the same time. Below are some tips to get your vehicle in trail ready form.

Summer Checklist

  • Check the fuel system. If gas has been left in the tank from the previous season it is a good idea to drain it and put new fuel in. Gasoline without a fuel stabilizer that has been sitting can plug small jets and orifices due to varnish. This can leave the engine to stall or work poorly. Make sure the tank is clean and fuel is disposed of properly.
  • Check the battery. If you haven’t kept it in a battery tender, or charged it every month, now is a good time to charge it. If it’s not sealed, check the water level before you charge it. If it is low, fill the water to the correct level.
  • Check the oil and fluid levels. Look for leaks. If you suspect any leaks or see seals that may have started to leak, they will need attention before you ride. It may be a good time to do an oil change and be sure the oil is at the correct level. The oil filter could be replaced as well. Remember to check radiator fluid, brake fluid etc.
  • Take a look at the air filter. Give it a clean. Having a properly cleaned air filter will help with performance.
  • Check your tire pressure. Having your tires inflated to the correct pressure is a critical safety measure as well as a performance one. Also look for wear on the tires, they don’t wear the same as cars. Look for cracks, or dry rotting.
  • Finally do an overall inspection of the ATV making sure you are not seeing any visible problems. Check other items such as the controls, brake pads, bolts and nuts; to be sure none are loose.

Using your ATV for the summer season will take some time and preparation now; to ensure you can enjoy it, and stay safe. At Lambton Mutual we offer products to ensure you have the right coverage when having fun this summer! Ask your agent or broker about our ATV coverage. Happy Trails!