New, free home inventory tool

An up-to-date inventory of your belongings makes it easier to file a claim, and ensures you have enough insurance to cover their value.

Inventory My Stuff, through Lambton Mutual’s MyHomeWorksTM tools, is a simple way to organize, record and value the contents of your home. It’s safe: store your information securely online. Add photos of the rooms and contents in your home to create your personal home inventory. Even if you never have a loss, you can use it to get organized, determine how much insurance you need, establish re-sale values, or even build a moving checklist. It’s easy to print a report of everything you have catalogued. Review your home inventory every year, and when you make new purchases; as the value of your possessions will increase the more you acquire.

To get started with your home inventory:

  1. Register at Lambton Mutual’s MyHomeWorksTM site, then
  2. Once registered, access the web app or download the mobile app (iTunes | Google Play) – it’s easy!