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Get to know Lambton Mutual

As your only, truly local, insurance Company in Lambton County, our focus is on keeping jobs and profits in our community. Unlike stock insurance companies, whose focus is on earning profits for shareholders, Lambton Mutual invests excess capital in community programs or returns profits directly to policyholders. Each year, Lambton Mutual donates thousands of dollars to programs within Lambton County and surrounding areas. This focus on community, combined with our local customer service and claims assistance, forms what we call the ‘Mutual Advantage’ for our clients, and is something that is unique to mutual insurers. We put people ahead of profits. That’s the beauty of neighbours helping neighbours.

President’s Message

On August 23, 2023, the Watford and surrounding areas experienced an unprecedented rainstorm event, resulting in Highway 402 being temporarily closed and a State of Emergency being declared by the Township of Warwick. Claims adjusters and restoration crews were brought into our small town from across Canada to assist with claims and clean-up. I want to extend my personal thanks to our policyholders for their patience as we worked diligently to get to all of you. I also want to thank our claims adjusters who worked tirelessly to deal with this catastrophe.

Since 1875, Lambton Mutual has been there, protecting what matters most to you, your grandparents, and their grandparents before that.

Thank you for placing your trust in us.

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Deb Van Eyk



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