That drone you bought, it’s insured…right?

Drones – they seem to be everywhere these days. Chances are, you or someone you know is a proud pilot of a brand new aerial drone. What was once only attainable with a camera-person and a helicopter can now be pulled off by any keen hobbyist.

However, while out making movie magic, have you considered whether you are insured? The reality is almost no one is thinking about insurance coverage when they’re opening the box. While home insurance policies may cover the limited damage of a wayward drone crash, some policies do exactly the opposite by specifically excluding coverage for aviation related claims, be they human or drone related. So our advice is…don’t make any assumptions.


How can we help?

Lambton Mutual is able to write drones for agribusiness within certain criteria. Insurance is dependent on factors such as the weight of the unit, what the drone is being used for, and whether use is personal or commercial. In general, the rules regarding insurance on drones are constantly changing due to it being new and evolving technology. So it’s a good idea to talk to one of our insurance agents/brokers to know your options.


Beware of Rams!

In September 2014, a drone and its pilot felt the wrath of a ram when the drone flew too close for comfort. The incredible video shows a black wooly ram charging violently, antlers first, into the camera equipped drone as it buzzed around it. When the pilot went to retrieve his device, the ram followed him relentlessly. Watch HERE.

In Canada, unmanned aircrafts are prohibited from flying closer than 150 meters from animals — for their safety and, presumably, your own, too!



So have fun with your drone, but know your legal limitations – the do’s and don’ts of photography, restricted flying zones and insurance coverage. Check out THIS useful page provided by Transport Canada that gives some great advice on flying a drone recreationally.

Happy Flying!