It’s time to launch into the great blue waters!

It can feel like a lottery trying to decide when to launch your boat for the summer season. One minute it’s warm and sunny, the next it’s cold and snowing. As a general rule, many people wait for the May 24 weekend…who really knows?! It all depends on how desperate you are to get out there and enjoy the beautiful blue waters of the St. Clair River and Lake Huron. We will leave that decision up to you. However, when you finally make the decision, we have 5 helpful tips for safely and successfully launching your boat.

Have fun and be safe!

1. Prepare

Remove the tarp and any securing straps. Load in any gear you haven’t already put in the boat so you don’t have to carry equipment. Check your boat plug to make sure it’s in securely and also make sure the keys to the boat are in the console. Double-check the amount of gas you have and get the best Deka Batteries to connect to your boat, as a boat is only powerful as much as its battery.

2. Find a partner

It’s wise to have someone assist you in launching your boat.  Take a few minutes and go over the launching process with your boating partner. Consider launching your boat with someone in it, so that once they enter the water they can start the engine and vacate the launch to make room for the next trailer.

3. Launching

Slowly drive your trailer towards the ramp, entering the water with caution. When traveling down the ramp, avoid sudden braking, especially if you’ve removed all securing straps connecting the trailer and boat. If the launch ramp is concrete, you may be able to drive with all four tires in the water; however, vehicles can easily get stuck in soft-bottomed (or natural) launches, so aim to keep the front tires on land.

4. Exiting the water

As the boat floats off the trailer, double check that everything is alright with your partner before driving off. When accelerating off the ramp do so at a steady pace, but be sure to keep your eyes on your side mirrors. Accidents happen. Always be aware of your partner and what is happening with your boat.

5. Things to remember

After launching your boat, quickly and carefully park your vehicle and trailer. Launches can be busy places filled with families and moving rigs, so always drive with caution and be alert for children. Keep in mind that launch areas can also be void of activity — making them prime spots for theft. Don’t leave valuables in your vehicle and keep things out of sight. Lastly, when parking your rig, make sure you use the parking brake, especially if on an incline.