Home Systems Protection is blanket breakdown coverage for all of your home systems, appliances and electronics. It is not limited to one item only. This insurance covers replacement, additional living expenses and spoilage. This coverage costs pennies a day and costs less than $73/year (subject to company underwriting guidelines, deductible options). Warranties expire after a few years but the Home Systems Protection is renewable every year.

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  1. Solar PV Systems


    Cells can peel; voltage sags or surges can disturb inverters and breakers.

  2. TV & Entertainment


    Power surges can damage sensitive circuitry in televisions and entertainment equipment.

  3. Computer & Electronics


    Loss paid when video card in a laptop broke down, making the unit unusable.

    Power surges can damage or destroy computers and electronics without proper protection. If parts break down and are obsolete, units may require replacement.

  4. Air Conditioner


    Repair cost paid when compressor operating in overheated condition for extended period broke down.

    Compressor motor can seize and overheat; condenser tubes can crack; circulation fan can fail.

  5. Electrical Panel


    Damaged wiring, lighting switches, outlets and appliances were replaced due to circuit breaker’s failure to trip.

    Surges, spikes and overloads can causing arcing and short circuits, damaging the main panel, wiring, switches, outlets, and even plugged-in devices.



    Replacement cost and hotel stay paid when broken blower caused damage to other parts in a furnace.

    Burner can fail, blower motor can short and heat exchanger can crack.

    Hot Water Heater


    An aging hot water heater can crack or rupture.



    Repair cost paid when front loading washing machine stopped working due to a breakdown.

    Motors can seize or burn out, or an electrical circuit in the control board can fail.