A Message from the President regarding our response to COVID-19

UPDATE Tuesday January 5th 2021

Lambton Mutual’s response in offering premium relief measures – please click the link below to download our most recent update.


Presidents Message:

As your insurer, Lambton Mutual Insurance Company manages risk every day. We take health and safety very seriously.   We will approach the COVID-19 outbreak no differently.  We are continuing our business operations, with our goal to maintain the high level of service to which our clients are accustomed, but with necessary modifications to keep our employees, policyholders and the general public as safe as possible.   As the situation remains quite fluid, please note that our response may change quickly.

With this in mind, the following modifications will be initiated immediately into our daily routines:

  • Social Distancing – we will limit personal contact wherever possible, opting instead for electronic ‘touch-free’ solutions;
  • We will immediately halt all loss prevention inspections other than exterior and visual only;
  • For essential claims, our Field Adjusters will be equipped with hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, gloves and masks;  and they will follow the 1 metre distancing rule-of-thumb;  no pens, laptops, keyboards, clipboards, phones, etc. to be shared with anyone; 
  • On site:  the main entry door will remain locked with instructions to visitors to call the posted number;
  • On site:  we are ramping up cleaning of work surfaces, door handles, stair railings, washroom facilities and cubicles;
  • Proper hand-washing techniques for prevention of disease transmission have been posted in all of our onsite washroom facilities;
  • Employees who are sick must stay home, even if they believe they only have a ‘common  cold’; 
  • Self-containment of 14 days is mandatory for any employee who has been in contact with someone that has tested positive for the virus;  or if they are feeling unwell; or if they have travelled recently, especially to a high risk area (See World Health Organization website);
  • Employees traveling for work is restricted unless authorized by Management;
  • Deliveries to the office not requiring a signature will be left outside the office door with notification by cell phone to the receptionist of the delivery;
  • Deliveries requiring a signature – gloves and masks to be worn at all times.

While these adjustments may pose an inconvenience and we hope that they are temporary, please note that our priority at this time is to do our part to ‘flatten the curve’ on this virus so those who need critical care can receive it.  Stay safe.  Thank you.

Deborah A Van Eyk, President

January 5, 2021