Loss Prevention

When you insure with Lambton Mutual, you can expect that our Loss Prevention team will be there to assist you in identifying safety hazards that may exist on your property before you have a loss. This service is free of charge to policyholders and benefits everyone. By reducing losses, we can keep insurance premiums more affordable.

No one else helps you prevent loss like us.

  • Woodstoves

    Our people are dedicated to improvement and undergo ongoing training as technology changes. Woodstove installations often pose potential fire risks, so we have two W.E.T.T (Wood Energy Technical Training) certified individuals on staff to assist you. In addition, our people are knowledgeable about construction, electrical wiring, plumbing and heating systems. If you have any questions, we’re always just a phone call away!

  • Thermal Imaging Camera

    The Loss Prevention team also has a Thermal Imaging Camera that features exceptional technology. It enables them to detect problem areas in electrical panels, motors, switches, and bearings before they become an issue. We want to do everything we can to reduce the number and severity of losses and this camera is another tool our representatives use to educate our policyholders on loss prevention.

  • Fire Extinguisher Service

    Did you know we offer ABC Fire Extinguishers below cost to our policyholders?

    • 2 1/2 lb $20
    • 5 lb $25
    • 10 lb $35
    • 20 lb $65

    We also offer a fire extinguisher recharging service for policyholders. Simply drop your extinguisher off at your agent or broker’s office.

  • Water Damage

    Due to severe weather events, an aging infrastructure incapable of accommodating excess water flow, and the use of more water-using appliances, water damage claims are on the rise.

    Here’s how you can protect your property from water damage loss:


    • Have a backwater valve installed professionally
    • Have downspouts extend 6 feet from foundation and away from your home
    • Install a battery backup source for your sump pump
    • Keep valuable items stored in plastic bins or off floor level



    • Replace aging and corroded pipes
    • Install a water alarm/shut off system
    • Avoid pouring fats and grease down the drain


    Domestic Water Containers and Appliances:

    • Never leave house with taps or appliances running
    • Replace plastic connection lines with steel braided hoses
    • Have hot water tank, softener, etc. serviced regularly



    • Replace worn and aging shingles
    • Use water barrier under shingles
    • Clean eavestroughs twice yearly, spring and fall