Lambton Mutual

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The Mutual Advantage

As the only, truly local, insurance provider in Lambton County, our focus is on keeping jobs and profits in our community. Unlike stock insurance companies, whose focus is on earning profits for shareholders, Lambton Mutual invests excess capital in community programs or returns profits directly to policyholders. 

Each year, Lambton Mutual donates thousands of dollars to programs within Lambton County.

This focus on community, combined with our local customer service and claims assistance, forms what we call the ‘mutual advantage’ for our clients, and is something that cannot be found anywhere else in Lambton County.

That’s the beauty of neighbours helping neighbours.

The Mutual Experience

We have always considered ourselves as neighbours helping neighbours. We are a company that is built and held together by real people from the local community. Names are important to us. We care about where people have come from and where they are going. We want to journey with people through each stage of their life. To take the time to get to know them and see where we can really be of help.

This is what the ‘Mutual Experience’ is all about. It is about acknowledging that your land is also your living, that "home" really is where the heart is, that your car is more than just getting from point A to point B, and that your business is about more than just having a job. It’s about a relationship. It’s about commitment, familiarity and trust. It’s working together to tell a great story.

It’s being a good neighbour.


Your service was fantastic! The only glitch we encountered was with GM which could not provide parts in a timely manner.

September 3, 2014